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How to Increase Productivity through Nutritional Knowledge?

De Beers Group 

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De Beers has a very diverse workforce with different kinds of diets: from vegans to high protein consumers, from very active people to sedentary individuals. They expressed the need to create awareness about the main nutritional concepts, how to read labels, and make smart decisions while eating out or ordering food.

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We led the workshop titled ‘EAT THIS, NOT THAT!’ - an interactive space with activities that enabled participants to put into practice what they had just learned.


During this workshop, we covered:

Understanding Macronutrients
Virtual grocery store tour for healthy shopping
Hacks to understand product labels
Debunking food myths
Understanding controversial labels (gluten-free, grass-fed, cage-free, etc.)
How to make informed choices when eating out or ordering deliveries?



After the workshop, the attendees expressed profound gratitude towards the organizers (HR delegates), emphasizing that they felt valued and heard regarding their well-being and needs.

There have been small but significant improvements. Employees are now ordering from 'Healthy Restaurants' following the indications of the Ideal Plate learned in the workshop. Additionally, they express more motivation about cooking at home and have been sharing information about organic shops and "farmers markets" in the city. This has also impacted their energy levels and performance, not just at work but in their daily lives.

"It is visible that the teams are more conscious and motivated about the eating choices they make."


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Other Client Stories


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