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"MEPFS" Framework

We will conduct a detailed analysis to understand the organization's Wellbeing Status.

The past, present and the desired future of the company's Wellbeing.

The acronym 'MEPFS' is the cornerstone of Healthy Choices' framework, representing Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Social - the five essential pillars that underpin employee well-being.

By understanding and prioritizing these dimensions, you can foster productivity and engagement among your employees.

Physical, Financial, Emotional, Social and Mental

We will create an integrated Wellbeing Plan to assess the needs and insights identified within the employees and the company.

Covering our "MEPFS Framework" (Physical, Financial, Emotional, Social and Mental)



Coaching 1 on 1
Wellbeing events
Workshops and talks


App & Software implementations
Employees benefits and work arrangements suggestions



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