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Health Coaching
for Companies

Your absenteeism rate is increasing dramatically? Do you recognize some employees that need extra support in terms of well being and overall life habits?

We conduct 1 on 1 individual sessions with employees designated by the company, leaded by a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

3 to 6 sessions of 30 minutes each
We work together to achieve each common employee’s wellness goal; such as weight loss, increased energy, improved sleep and stress control
We will monitor progress, discuss recommendations, and step by step, define small milestones to reach those set objectives
Online or in person

1 on 1 individual sessions with employees

This is Perfect if you Want to…

Support employees in a personalized way as they struggle to create healthy habits
Increase your retention rate
Reduce stress and anxiety levels in the workplace

Enhance employee engagement and overall satisfaction with the company
Assist employees in finding time for healthy activities amidst their busy schedules

Sound good?

Let's create a workforce of highly engaged employees!

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What they are saying:

"Thanks to the company for enrolling me in this Coaching Program and thanks to Healthy Choices and Laura, the Health Coach who worked with me. Thanks for all the words, teachings, and motivation in each session.

Throughout my whole life, I always said, 'someday I will change my food habits'... and that day has come with the best coach.

Laura has handled this process incredibly. I've learned that it's more than just 'eating'; it's a lifestyle surrounded by other topics like family, relationships, love, spirituality, and work life. This means that to be healthy, we should be aware of everything in our lives, striving to reach a perfect balance.

Watching the changes motivates me every day to keep pursuing my goals. And the most important thing is that nowadays, I am conscious of the decisions I make for my mind and body."

Natalia Delgado

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