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1-to-1 Health Coaching

Does this sound like you?

"I used to love my job, but now it just feels

like a never-ending cycle."

"I see a lot of healthy ingredients but I have no idea what they are for or what to do with them"

"I don't have the energy or motivation to cook nutritious meals."

"I'm constantly exhausted, no matter how much sleep I get."

"I struggle to find an exercise routine that fits into my busy schedule."

We offer personalized health coaching programs. Our goal is to help and support you through a healthier life with a holistic approach to wellness that takes into account not only nutrition and physical health but also mental and emotional wellbeing, stress management and work-life balance.

We help you start a path of wellness that aligns with your life, activities, job, social life, and trips. By the end of the program, you will be happier and healthier.

Individual Health Coaching Programs
MEPS Framework

Our Methodology

"MEPFS Framework" - own methodology to approach the five essential pillars that underpin our well-being.


Throughout the sessions, we will cover this framework, starting with your eating habits and providing nutritional education, then moving on to your exercise routines.


Afterward, we will address the rest of the pillars, taking a holistic view of your wellbeing and prioritizing what you really need to work on.

Some of the activities during the sessions:

Virtual supermarket shopping for healthy groceries
Food labels reading
Recipes and week menus
Workouts suggestions
Personal finance sheet
Sleep routine sequences
Stress management techniques and exercises


This is Perfect if you Want to…

Feel fit and look healthy
Have a balance between your job and your personal life
Feel less stressed and anxious
Have time to do healthy activities

Have a balanced relationship with food... to work out in the morning and enjoy a glass of wine at night, without guilt.
Really learn, understand, and implement best practices for your dream healthy lifestyle.

Sound good?

Let's create a wellbeing plan that works for your lifestyle, without diets and sacrifices!

If you'd like to find out if and how we can work together, set up a no-commitment call and let's connect

And if you’d prefer to send an email, click the 'contact us' button below.

What they are saying:

"Through the course I took with Laura, I became much more aware of different aspects related to my habits, not only food, although mainly, but also how I relate to other aspects of my environment that are key to having a balanced life. The learning spaces we had with her were fun, clear, and above all, very enriching. ...

As a complement to the course, and thanks to the connection I felt with Laura and the way she shared her knowledge, I wanted to continue with her support in my change processes. It has been very gratifying to see how, with her help as a coach, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and established healthier lifestyle habits consciously".

Tatiana Giraldo

Meet your Wellness Partner

If you’d like to find out if and how we can work together,

set up a no-commitment call and let’s connect

And if you’d prefer to send an email, the link below will facilitate that for you.

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