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About Us

The Story behind Healthy Choices

Laura Sierra

Hello, I'm Laura Sierra

Founder of Healthy Choices


I know first hand that when employees feel well, companies perform better.

With over 12 years in the corporate world, I've experienced the difficulty of balancing work and personal wellness, which ignited my passion for employee well-being. 

Early in my career, I tried to excel at everything but ended up burned out and unhappy. Realizing that balance required more than hard work, I became certified as a Health Coach and an expert in Stress Management, Burnout and Coping Skills.

I developed a proven strategy that’s helped myself and my clients achieve health goals while succeeding both professionally and personally. Now, as a consultant, coach, and speaker, I help companies reduce high turnover and engage employees by providing holistic well-being services that create healthy and happy work environments.

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6 yrs in Dubai

  • Certified Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

  • Stress Management, Burnout and Coping Skills Expert - Mediterránea Escuela de Psicología

  • Marketing and Advertising Degree + MBA

Wellbeing Enthusiastic  -   Happy Speaker  - Engaged Listener  Passionate Runner

The mission of Healthy Choices is simple:

Creating healthy work environments across organizations by providing holistic wellbeing programs that foster productivity, engagement and job satisfaction, by crafting tailored well-being journeys that elevate individuals and organizations to their utmost potential.

What sets Healthy Choices apart? We believe in data-driven progress, unique and personalized wellbeing programs, and communication plans that increase participation and the success of all wellbeing efforts.

Meet your Wellness Partner!

We minimize absenteeism and reduce high turnover, cultivating a workforce of highly engaged employees; providing holistic wellbeing programs that create healthy work environments.

Healthy Choices Methodology

Data driven & Personalization

Data driven
& Personalization

"MEPFS" Framework


Communication & Campaigns

& Campaigns



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