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Wellbeing Workshops


Are you dealing with talent retention and low productivity? There are five essential pillars that your employees need to know and be trained on, to create a workplace where people genuinely want to be.

We offer interactive workshops customized for each organization or team, fostering awareness and motivation regarding the five pillars of the MEPFS Methodology: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Social Wellbeing.



Our workshops are all about getting hands-on, having a blast, and learning some really useful stuff along the way.

We base everything on solid research, so you're not just hearing fluff; you're getting real, actionable steps to make a lasting impact.

Interactive workshops

Our Approach:

Tailored! Each workshop is customized to the company's needs

Learning-by-doing! designed to blend theory and practical tools, incorporating interactive exercises.

Takeaways! (i.e. worksheets and templates)

Time-effective! Employees' agendas are busy! That's why workshops are designed to be 1hr-2hrs in length

This is Perfect if you Want to…

Support employees in a personalized way as they struggle to create healthy habits
Increase your retention rate

Enhance employee engagement and overall satisfaction with the company
Reduce stress and anxiety levels in the workplace

Assist employees in finding time for healthy activities amidst their busy schedules

Ready to get started?

Let's plan a Workshop that increases your employees engagement!

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Popular Workshops


Popular Workshops on Mental Health

Self-Care and Burnout Prevention
Managing Stress and Emotions
Work-life Balance Hacks
Coping with Change and Uncertainty
Mindfulness and Meditation in the Workplace
Self-Care for Tough Times

Yoga Class

Popular Workshops on Physical Health

Optimizing Sleep for a Balancing Day
Eating Well from the Basics
Eating Well for Busy Professionals
Healthy Groceries and Meal Prep
Nutrition for Productivity and Boost Energy
Balancing Hormones and Mood for Women
Coping with Cravings and Anxiety
Movement Motivation
Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Barre and other Group  Classes


Popular Workshops on Performance & Resilience

Effective Time Management
Habits Mindset
Goal Setting and Personal Development
Supporting Working Parents
Understanding Financial Wellbeing
Unplugging: How to disconnect from technology to improve productivity
Healthy Productivity Hacks

What they are saying:

"For SM Digital, it is very important to promote actions that encourage a healthy lifestyle. As we understand the importance of well-being in all its aspects, we are always searching for options and allies that allow us to positively influence the lives of our employees and their families. In this regard, Healthy Choices is an excellent option that allows us, as an organization, to provide information and tools to our employees, where they can understand the importance of self-care through the development of a healthy lifestyle."

Sandra Arias, Human Resources Director at SM Digital

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