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Are you facing low employee engagement and high attention rates? There is a simple solution that not only boosts employee engagement but in turn also boosts your revenue.

A Wellbeing Program

The step-by-step guide to have a comprehensive wellbeing program that increases employee engagement, productivity and improves attrition rate

1. Let's talk​

Before we start executing, we listen.

Tell us all about your company goals and employees data, let us also talk with your employees and do some research and observation analysis. And, equally crucial, your budget, timeframe and expectations.

We’ll then come up with a comprehensive wellbeing plan, a long-term one that ticks all your boxes and your employees needs. Tap into our expertise, use it to your advantage and we will create the right wellbeing approach for your company specific, measurable targets you're aiming for to reduce absenteeism, recruitment costs and increase your overall ROI.

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2. Let's plan

Now let’s talk about timing. We offer airtight follow-up, with a timeframe that is both achievable and aligned with your expectations – from creation and production to delivery.

We’ll scale our team and our gear to fit the size of the plan.

3. Let's get your plan into action!

First, we prepare. Then, execution starts. We make sure all the activities and planned actions are aligned. We work with you or we do it all (reducing your workload) in executing all the activities, finding the right experts, the softwares or apps needed, suppliers or venues

4. Let's communicate, we make sure everyone knows what we are doing.

Did you know that 70% of employees don't know the perks and benefits their company offers?

We focus on maximizing the exposure of activities, participation and engagement.

Creating a Wellbeing Campaign we give to your wellness strategy a face and a name. Developing a visual identity – a logo, a tagline, something catchy. Launching it like you would a new product or company service. Then,  maintaining the momentum by regularly communicating what's coming on, new benefits, victories, and success stories.


Sound good?

Let's create a workforce of highly engaged employees!

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What does a strategic wellbeing program look like?

Consider this example:

Health Coach





Conduct a wellbeing assessment to understand individual needs and preferences. Based on the insights gained, tailor your initiatives to address specific health and wellness goals.

Plan a year calendar to cover all the needs identified.

For instance, you could include targeted fitness activities, nutrition workshops, mental health awareness campaigns, personal finance education and personalized health checks for employees.

Introduce policies that bring more flexibility to the work environment, allowing employees to strike a better work-life balance and spend quality time with their families. For instance, consider flexible working hours, remote work options, or compressed workweeks.

Set clear and measurable goals, such as reducing absenteeism by 15%, improving employee satisfaction scores by 20%, and enhancing overall productivity.

By structuring your initiatives in a way that prioritizes physical, emotional, social, financial and mental health, and by implementing policies that support work-life balance, you not only foster a healthier and happier workforce but also create a measurable and positive impact on your company's overall ROI.

This is Perfect if you Want to…

Increase your retention rate
Maintain low attrition

Boost employee engagement
Enhance employee productivity

Reduce recruitment activities and, therefore, costs

Moreover, if you are trying to achieve all of the previously mentioned goals but lack an articulated and structured plan, or if your HR resources (human and financial) are limited.

We can help you!

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And if you’d prefer to send an email, click the 'contact us' button below.

What they are saying:

"Healthy Choices has helped us to demonstrate to our employees and children the importance of nutrition and creating healthy habits. Helping us to find balance in our work-life, and to have a better relationship with food."

Britta Buche. Marketing and Communications Manager at The English College, Dubai

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