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Can a Book Club Enhance Employee Engagement?

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At SM Digital, the discovery was simple yet profound—many employees loved to read. This insight revealed the way for a unique strategy to enhance well-being and engagement: the creation of a company Book Club. But why would an organization invest in something seemingly unrelated to daily tasks?

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1. Demonstrates Care:

A Book Club is more than just about books. It's a subtle way for a company to show it cares about its employees as individuals, not just workers. It's about being seen and heard, recognizing the personal interests that make each of us unique. By opening spaces around shared interests, it builds a sense of belonging and shows that personal preferences matter.


2. Supports Personal Growth:

Beyond the confines of work-related activities, a Book Club encourages personal growth. It nudges individuals to explore activities outside the usual work routine, promoting a healthier work-life balance.


3. Creates Community:

A book club is a neutral ground, bringing together individuals from various teams. It facilitates the opportunity to connect with colleagues on a personal level, fostering relationships beyond professional duties. Getting to know different perspectives enhances collaboration and breaks down silos.


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Results show significant growth in the company's book club over the past year. Initially comprising 10% of the employees, membership has now surged to 30%. The club convenes monthly, providing a platform for employees to discuss a variety of books and socialize. Remarkably, the attendance rate at these meetings stands at an impressive 95%.

In addition to fostering a vibrant reading culture, the company supports the book club by providing three books each month for raffling among its members. Furthermore, a recent partnership with a local bookstore allows club members to enjoy a 20% discount on their purchases—a valuable perk that enhances the club's appeal and encourages continued participation.

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